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Investment funds

PBZ Invest products.

Take advantage of the benefits

A wide diversification of risk

Investing in securities of different types and issuers

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An economical and effective way of implementing investments

Division of fixed costs

Reduction of investment costs on the capital market

Investment funds

Our investment funds are a specific type of investing funds, wherein the investor chooses the funds whose investment goals are in accordance with the investor’s investment goals, depending on their financial goals, the duration of the investment and the potential yield or risk.

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PBZ Invest investment funds

PBZ Invest investment funds

The Company currently manages twelve open-ended investment funds with a public offering, and these are the following:

  • PBZ START fond
  • PBZ D-START fond
  • PBZ Bond fond
  • PBZ Global fond
  • PBZ Equity fond
  • PBZ Conservative 10 fond
  • PBZ Short term bond fond
  • PBZ Euro Short Term Bond fond
  • PBZ Flexible 30 fond
  • PBZ Dollar Bond fond (fond s dospijećem)
  • PBZ Dollar Bond fond 2 (fond s dospijećem)
  • PBZ International Multi Asset fond
Basic characteristics

Basic characteristics

Investment funds are differentiated according to the investment strategy, according to the recommended investment period, at the risk level to which the assets of an open investment fund are exposed to, and therefore according to the level of potential yield.

It is important to note that before making a decision on investing in investment funds, it is advisable to read the prospectus of the selected fund in which it is possible to get acquainted with the specific investment strategy, fees and risks. Also, it is advisable to read the ID card of the fund, which presents historical trends in share prices, historically generated yields, the current portfolio structure, geographic exposure and key information for investors (abbr. KIID, Key Investor Information Document), which contains a description of the essential characteristics of the UCITS Fund and provides investors with an understanding of the nature and significance of the risk, assessing the consequences of acquiring a share in the UCITS Fund.

There are four different types of funds:

  • short-term bond funds
  • bond funds
  • mixed funds
  • share funds
Additional information

For additional information:

  • visit the nearest branch office of Privredna banka Zagreb
  • send an inquiry via e-mail to pbz.invest@pbzinvest.hr
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