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Establishing a company and starting a business from your home any time you want.

Take advantage of the benefits

Electronic establishment of a company

Fast and easy

Shorter establishing procedure

Less documentation

Online communication with all registers

24/7 availability

Establishing a company

Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. is participating in the START project in cooperation with FINA.

The START app provides:

  • Electronic establishing of a trade/company
  • The option of choosing Privredna banka Zagreb as your partner with the electronic initiation of opening a business account
START advantages

START advantages

  • Online communication with all registers, the Tax Administration, CBS, the CHIF and the Bank
  • Shorter founding procedure
  • Lower costs
  • Less documentation
  • 24/7 availability
Start a business online

Start a business online

Online starting of a business in only a few steps:

  • Start online registration via e-Građani at https://pretinac.gov.hr and select the option to start a business through the START application.
  • Log in with your electronic identity card. 
  • Follow the steps for the online registration by entering all the required data. 
  • Select PBZ for opening a transaction account.
  • After completing the online registration, PBZ will contact you and arrange for the signing of contracting documentation at your nearest PBZ Sinergo desk.
  • Visit the selected PBZ Sinergo desk to sign the contracting documentation and contract other PBZ products and services fulfilling your business needs.

Thank you and welcome to PBZ!

Online starting of a business in a few steps
Step 1
Online registration

Step 2
Follow the online registration steps, select PBZ for business account

Step 3
Visit the chosen Sinergo desk just to sign the documentation

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