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When you want to transfer money to someone quickly, the best way is #withPAY!

The easiest payment ever!


Pay at the speed of light!


Open the app and pay your contacts


Payment is approved by PIN or biometric data.

The fastest way to transfer money

With the help of the #withPAY functionality of PBZ mobile banking, you can pay money in an instant, directly from your mobile phone, without logging in to the application.

All you have to do is select a member of your #withPAY community, enter the amount and transfer it to the selected contact.

Bring your friends to the #withPAY community and avoid complicated and slow transactions.

#withPAY with you in all situations

Do you have to repay borrowed money to college colleagues?

With the help of #withPAY functionality of PBZ mobile banking, you can return the borrowed money in the blink of an eye, and you can also lend money to your friends.

If you are collecting money for a birthday gift to a friend, you can collect all the money in one account quickly and easily with #withPAY.

Your parents love #withPAY

#withPAY is with you in SOS situations as well.

Now your parents can pay the required pocket money at the speed of light.

All they need to do is select you as the recipient from the contact list in their PBZ mobile banking, enter the amount and the money is in your account.

How to start using #withPAY

#withPAY is one of the many practical and super easy functionalities of PBZ mobile banking.

Mobile banking is part of the PBZ Indeks plus student package that you can contract at any PBZ branch, just bring your ID card and Indeks!

See you soon!

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