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Apple Pay

Get in touch with the future of payment: enjoy your shopping!

This is why you’ll like it


Pay quickly and securely using your Apple devices


Place your mobile phone near POS terminal and confirm the transaction


Your card data are protected and out of harm's way

Everything is more easy now!
Welcome to simpler times!
Everything is more easy now!
Apple Pay is available also for PBZ digital banking users
Pay with the Apple Pay service using your Apple smartphone, watch, iPad...
Virtualize your PBZ Visa Inspire card and pay even faster and easier
Your card information is never stored on the mobile phone or Apple servers
Apple Pay

Add your card

Add your PBZ Visa Inspire card to Apple Wallet on your Apple device through PBZ mobile banking app.

It's easy with PBZ mobile banking app,  just like your next purchases with Apple Pay!

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