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Quick and easy money withdrawal from PBZ ATMs - without a card!

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Get money without a card! Discover how...

Forgot your bank card?

Don't worry, to withdraw money from a PBZ ATM, all you need is the PBZ Digital Banking mobile app.



In just a few simple steps, generate a one-time code to withdraw cash:

  • access #withCASH from the mobile app login screen and select the amount you wish to withdraw
  • enter the one-time code generated via the mobile application at any PBZ ATM and that's it!
Watch the video and discover the practicality of #withCASH.
Share a one-time code!

Share a one-time code!

You can share the benefits of the #withCASH functionality with others!

You can share the one-time code generated through the mobile app via message, email or other mobile device options.

Simple, fast, practical!

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