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Housing loans

Did you decide to settle down at your own home, do you want to buy an apartment, build a house, or just redo or expand your living quarters? Come to PBZ first!

This is why you’ll like it

Excellent terms

Enjoy favorable interest rates & numerous additional benefits


Pick a date and manner of repayment yourself

Choice of currency

Choose between HRK and EUR depending on your needs

Personalize your loan

Select the loan amount and repayment period, and you can adjust them later depending on your needs and capabilities.

Loan Amount

Min. Loan Amount 0 HRK Max. Loan Amount 0 HRK

Interest Type

Loan Duration

0 - 0 -


The calculation was made for repayment in equal monthly annuities.

  • Your loan
    Client status
    • Monthly annuity Fixed IR monthly annuity - HRK
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - HRK
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Amount to repay - HRK
    • Tenor - -
    • Interest rate Fixed interest rate - %
    • Variable interest rate - %
    • APRC - %
    • APRC - %
    • Loan processing fee - HRK

The amount of the interest rate depends on the choice of the tenor, loan currency, type of interest rate and collateral instrument, client's credit risk and status of the client. The fixed interest rate for mortgage loans additionally depends on the amount of the loan amount compared to the estimated value of the property. The variable interest rate is defined as the sum of the fixed and variable part (6M NRS1 for HRK / 6M NRS1 for EUR). The interest rate is shown with the lowest credit risk, client status and loan amount up to 80% of the estimated value of the real estate. APRS and the total amount for repayment are calculated on the selected loan amount and tenor, without intercalary interest and additional costs. 
For more information, see General information available at www.pbz.hr or at the branch.
The calculation is informative and is not binding for the Bank.

Special offer until 31.12.2021.


  • more favorable conditions for approving standard non-purpose loans: lower interest rate (fixed portion of variable interest rate and / or lower fixed interest rate) by 1.5 p.p. from the current interest rates for standard non-purpose loans

* Note: new non-purpose loan can also be used for early repayment: existing loans made in other banks or non-purpose loans in PBZ. If a new non-purpose loan is used for the purpose of early repayment (refinancing) of an existing non-purpose loan realized in PBZ, the loan repayment amount may be up to 60% of the new non-assigned loan.

Take out PBZ’s housing loan
Take out PBZ’s housing loan
  • Optional respite (deferral of payment) during maternity leave
  • Up to 10% of loan amount is disbursed in cash for covering costs and cost reimbursement relating to borrowing
  • Instalments enable you to repay your loan with less of an interest burden
  • Possibility to contract a grace period ("skip") of the monthly annuity or installment during the loan repayment.
Loan users

Loan users

Any physical person (residents) who meet the Bank’s conditions of borrowing

Loan purpose and amount

Loan purpose and amount

Purpose of the loan

  • purchase
  • purchase and adaptation
  • new construction
  • land purchase
  • land purchase and new construction
  • granting of home improvement loans
  • completion
  • expansion
  • addition
  • renovation

And in case that the loan applicant is not the owner of the real estate

Loan amount

  • HRK 150,000 to 2,300,000 or EUR 20,000 to 350,000 in the HRK counter value for loans for buying residential property, purchase with home improvement, new construction, expansion, addition, completion or renovation of a residential property as well as purchase of land with new construction or just land purchase with institution of a lien
  • HRK 150,000 to 535,000 or EUR 20,000 to 70,000 in the HRK counter value for home improvement (with a lien)
  • HRK 37,500 to 300,000 or EUR 5,000 to 40,000 in the HRK counter value for housing loans without a lien and with a down-payment for real estate purchase
  • refinancing a Bank’s or another bank’s loan according to the purpose for which the original loan was taken out and in amounts depending on the loan purpose, with the following options:

               - currency of the loan (HRK loans or with EUR currency clause),

               - interest rates:

                     - fixed interest rates for the entire repayment period or

                     - variable interest rates for the entire repayment period or

                     - fixed interest rates for a period of 5 and followed by variable 

                       interest rates.

The loan amount also depends on the total commitment, and in addition to that, for loans insured with a lien, the amount depends on the appraised property value.

Credit period and manner of repayment

Credit period and manner of repayment

Repayment period

  • 5 to 30 years for loans with an institution of a lien
  • 5 to 15 years for loans without a lien and with a down-payment (for adaptation up to 10 years)
  • 5 to 10 years for loans with a fixed interest rate
  • a combination of fixed interest rate during the 60 months period and variable interest rate during the remaining repayment period

Manner of repayment

The choice to repay the loan in installments, standard annuities or annuities in accordance with a special repayment schedule (repayment in annuities cannot be contracted for a combined fixed and variable interest rate).

Additional benefit

When contracting a loan with repayment in equal monthly annuities or installments, the borrower may agree on a grace period ("skip") of the monthly annuity/installment during the loan repayment period, free of charge. The request for activation of the "skip" can be submitted once a year with a written request, provided that the conditions are met.

Instalments or annuities?

Installments enable you to repay your loan faster and with less interest expense, while a repayment with gradually increasing monthly annuities leaves you a broader financial leeway for other needs at the time of borrowing.

Other loan benefits

Other loan benefits

  • optional refinancing of already taken out housing loans at PBZ or other banks
  • up to 10% of the loan amount is disbursed in cash for covering costs and cost reimbursement relating to borrowing
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