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Investment counselling

Professional assistance with every investment decision.

This is why you’ll like it


Desired investment is estimated according to your investment profile

It’s important to know where you stand

Check the results of your appropriateness estimation questionnaire

Always up to date

Regular notifications on your questionnaire & portfolio discrepancies

Narrow down your choice of investments in a quick and simple way
Narrow down your choice of investments in a quick and simple way
Narrow down your choice of investments in a quick and simple way
Choose the guide feature in the Discover funds function
Filter out funds according to type, geographic, sectoral and currency exposure, risk level and time period of the investment
You can sort them according to name, fund type, the last known share price, fund currency, yield and risk level
The chart for comparing funds shows share price developments, detailed asset allocation and other chosen fund features
An easier way of browsing the fund catalogue with tags

We advise you

Every investment that you may desire is automatically estimated based on your investment profile and your wishes before you proceed. If our estimation finds a good match between your profile and your requests, you can proceed without worrying. However, if your investment decision doesn’t match your replies in the appropriateness estimation questionnaire, we will advise you not to proceed with that investment. In some cases, you’ll be able to proceed at your own risk, but in others, your transaction will be blocked if it is inappropriate for your portfolio.

Your personal investment advisor in your pocket

Contract an Investment Counselling Service to ensure that all of your investments are in accordance with your investment profile before carrying them out. Go through the summary of your planned investments and check your decision based on professional assistance.

To contract the service of investment counselling, simply visit any PBZ branch office and fill out a questionnaire for the estimation of the appropriateness.




Investment Counselling Service can now be contracted through you PBZ Digital Banking mobile app under the menu Investments.

Explore the world of investing with the new functionalities of PBZ digital banking!

Explore new functionalities 

Knowledge will help you make the right decision

Do terms like VOLATILITY or DIVERSIFICATION sound unfamiliar and investments seem complicated?

In order to make investment decisions more easily, you can find some simple explanations of the terms here.

You can watch a video with a simple explanation of the terms Volatility and Diversification right now and how to achieve your goals with the Investment Plan - a simple and flexible savings plan with periodic payments.


Educational on investments

Improve your investment knowledge

Watch educational videos with a simple explanation of basic investment terms.
Do you need help?

We will answer all your questions

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