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Perspektiva savings

Save with subsequent in-payments according to your capabilities.

This is why you’ll like it


Choose the amount and deposit rate as you like

Great terms

Fixed-interest rate, premium and a choice between HRK, EUR, or USD


Contract savings using digital banking or at your nearest PBZ branch

Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
With digital banking, you can easily manage your finances from home or wherever you are
Set free notifications for the expiry of the fixed-term period
You can see the details of your deposits at any time
Track your finances using real-time transaction notifications

Additional benefit

Contract Perspektiva savings using PBZ digital banking and get an extra incentive on the interest rate during the first interval of the fixed-term.



  • the minimum initial savings amount is HRK 500,00/EUR 50,00/USD 50,00, with subsequent deposits that fit your needs
  • 6 to 84 month fixed-terms depending on the currency, and a fixed-interest rate
  • interest payment upon expiry of the agreed fixed-term period
  • upon expiry of the initial fixed-term period, a premium is calculated on the interest amount
  • no fees for premature cancellation


You can make subsequent deposits into your savings account using:

  • a standing order
  • PBZ digital banking
  • at PBZ branch offices
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