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Smart Login

Access your Internet banking at the speed of light, without entering your User ID and #withKEY code.

How to activate Smart Login? After entering your User ID and the one-time #withKEY code, the Smart Login screen will appear and you just need to select "Activate". The next time you log into Internet banking, just select the "Login" option: you will receive a login request on your mobile device and by opening the received notification on your mobile device, you log in to #withKEY and automatically enter online banking. Logging into internet banking has never been faster!

Reminder: in order to receive notifications, you need to enable "Notifications" for the PBZ mobile banking app in the mobile device Settings.



#withKEY mobile token is your key to faster and easier access to online services.

It is part of the PBZ Digital Banking mobile app and allows you to: easily log in to PBZ Internet banking and authorize internet banking transactions, fast and secure access to the e-Građani portal, and secure shopping in online stores via 3D Secure 2 authentication.

Find your #withKEY on the mobile app login screen and launch it the same way as the Digital Banking App: with PIN or biometric data.

Fast payments

Google pay

Simplify your payments: make everyday transactions at points of sale using only your Android mobile phone!

Via mobile banking through the Cards menu, simply add your Visa Inspire card to Google Pay and try the fastest contactless payment with your mobile phone at points of sale.

Fast payments

Apple pay

Try fast contactless payments at points of sale using only your Apple device: mobile phone, tablet or Apple Watch!

Virtualize your Visa Inspire card through mobile banking in the Cards menu and your payments will be made at the speed of light.

Get a new product or service

Remote Offer

Avoid going to the branch whenever you can with the Remote Offer functionality!

Contract a new one or change the conditions for products or services you already use quickly and easily, without going to a branch!

How does Remote Offer work? Contact your personal banker. Your personal banker will suggest the best solutions that you can find within PBZ Digital Banking in My offers. Once you've chosen an offer that suits your needs, sign using your qualified electronic signature #withSIGN – quickly and easily, from the comfort of your own home.

Discover smart services


#withSIGN is your qualified electronic signature that enables online contracting of products and services and signing of documentation.

Your digital signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature and is protected by a certificate password and is therefore completely secure.

You can activate #withSIGN at any time via the mobile app in the Settings - Login & Security menu.

Fast payments


Try the fastest payments between friends!

In just a few clicks, without the need to enter an IBAN, pay to contacts from your mobile phone, members of the #withPAY community, or send them a request for payment of a certain amount.

Access the innovative #withPAY functionality directly from the mobile app login screen or through the Payments menu.

Get a new product or service

Advisory Service

The Advisory Service includes giving personal recommendations related to the structure of your financial assets: an individual approach in creating investment advice, determining the investment profile and regular information on the adequacy and state of the portfolio.

Contract the Advisory Service through PBZ Digital Banking through the Investments menu and access your investment profile at any time.

Get a new product or service

My Shopping Window

Explore products and services in the Product Catalogue, check whether you have highlighted personalized offers or start the contracting process in the case of products and services that can be contracted online.

Access the "My Shopping Window" menu at any time via mobile and internet banking and learn more about the Bank's available products and services.

Discover smart services


Save a little every day with #withSAVE, the innovative functionality of the mobile app.

Activate #withSAVE without the need to log in to the app, directly from the mobile app login screen, and save small daily amounts as desired and automatic payments when paying with a Visa Inspire card.

Make saving your daily habit.

Discover smart services


Access to money without a card!

Quickly and easily withdraw money from a PBZ ATM using only a one-time code generated by the mobile application.

Access the #withCASH functionality from the login screen of the mobile app, select one of the predefined amounts and validity period and generate a one-time code. Enter the generated code at the PBZ ATM and that's it!

Fast payments

Scan and pay

Quick payment of bills without manual data entry? Of course! With the mobile app and the Scan and pay functionality, all invoices with a 2D barcode are paid in seconds - simply scan the 2D barcode and the data from the payment slip are automatically filled. It is up to you to just authorize the transaction.

Access this practical functionality via the menu Payments, the "Scan and pay" option, by long-pressing the "Account number" or field "Amount" when creating a new payment order, or by long-pressing the PBZ mobile banking icon on the mobile device screen.

Fast payments

Split and share

Splitting expenses with friends is quick and easy with Split and share functionality.

Simply select the transaction whose amount you want to share with one or more of your contacts, members of the #withPAY community, to whom you will send a payment request.

Fast payments

Payment in foreign currency

Payments know no boundaries!

The Payment in foreign currency option offers the possibility of a simple transfer of funds outside the borders of Croatia to all parts of the world in euros or foreign currency.

Discover smart services

Share IBAN

Are you expecting a payment? Share the account's IBAN with your contacts from a mobile device quickly and easily.

In the drop-down menu next to the desired transaction account, select the "Share" option and share your IBAN with the contact via the options provided.

Discover smart services

Show PIN

How many times have you forgotten your card PIN? Worry no more because now you can find it at any time in your mobile app.

Find the PIN for all PBZ Group debit, charge and revolving cards that you own in the menu Cards (by clicking on the icon with the card symbol).

Discover smart services

Fast balance

Check your account balance without logging into the app!

Activate the functionality Fast balance for the desired transaction account and with just one touch, at any time, check the balance of the account on the login screen in the mobile app.

Discover smart services

Smart notifications

Always up-to-date with your finances: receive notifications about payments and withdrawals by transaction account, savings expiry, loan installment maturity and/or orders in the announcement.

Activate and customize notifications to your needs in the menu Settings - Notifications.


Customer support

Customer support always available with a click!

Search for the information you are interested in: talk to us via chat, find the most important contact numbers, look for answers to the most frequently asked questions about the functionalities or simply start the animated guide through the app and familiarize yourself with the available functionalities. Anytime, anywhere.


Quick access

Access your favorite mobile banking functionalities even faster and easier!

Assign shortcuts as desired by selecting the "Quick Access" option within the floating icon on the home screen of the mobile app.


Transfer to myself and Currency Exchange

Transfer funds between your euro and foreign currency accounts quickly and easily.

Access the option in the menu Payments.


Standing orders and Direct Debits

Automate recurring payments and ensure your obligations are always paid on time by contracting a standing order and/or direct debit.

You can monitor payment statuses and upcoming deadlines at any time.


Beneficiary list and Templates

Speed up your payments to frequent recipients!

Create templates in the menu Payments and make payments even faster without repeatedly entering data.


Research options (cards, funds, savings...)

Thinking about a credit card but need more information? Or are you planning to save?

Find out more details about specific products and services with the option of online contracting through the research options in the menus "Cards", "Savings" and "Investments".


Biometric data

Make your login to the app and transaction authorization even faster and more secure.

Set biometric data such as fingerprint or face ID in the menu Settings - Sign-in & Security.


Easy transfer

Activate the option "Easy transfer" in the menu Settings - Sign-in & Security and carry out transactions between your accounts, additional payments to your savings, credit cards and loans without the need for authorization.


My Documents

All documentation in one place!

Find your contracts, account statements, pension statements and payment receipts in the menu "My documents". Use search and filter options to navigate within documents and download documents with one tap.


My Messages

In the menu "My Messages" look for personal and generic messages such as information about products and services, notifications about new functionalities and service information.


GSM vouchers

Simple top-up of GSM vouchers anytime, anywhere!

It only takes a few clicks to the activation code - select the service provider and the amount of the GSM voucher and authorize the transaction. The surcharge can be even faster: directly to the entered mobile phone number for users of HT, Simpa and BONBON GSM vouchers.

Discover smart services

Subsequent installments

Pay at once. Divide into installments later.

Every purchase you make with the Visa Inspire card is now even simpler: you can subsequently divide the cost of online purchases or purchases at sales points in the country and abroad into installments using the mobile app, in just a few steps:

look for specially marked transactions in the current account transactions overview, select the "Split" option and authorize with a digital signature #withSIGN.

Fast payments

Payment of pdf invoice with 2D barcode from e-mail

Share a pdf invoice with a mobile app to pay in an instant!

Pay the invoice with the 2D barcode that you received in your e-mail in just a few seconds with the PBZ Digital Banking mobile app.

Share the invoice with your mobile app, check the details of the completed order and authorize the payment.

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