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Reliable protection of your valuables.

This is why you’ll like it


The safety of your assets


Different safe deposit box dimensions and rental periods

Affordable fees

The amount of the fee depends on the capacity of the safe deposit box

Reliable protection

Do you need a safe place to keep your valuables? Privredna Banka Zagreb offers the service of renting a safe deposit box in chosen PBZ branch offices with dimensions and rental periods that fit your needs.

The safe deposit box rental service can be used by all natural and legal persons (residents and non-residents).



  • the safe deposit box can be accessed by the user and an authorised person
  • safe deposit box rental period: 6 months, one year and 2 years
  • the time spent in the room with safe deposit boxes is limited to 15 minutes
What can be stored in a safe deposit box?

What can be stored in a safe deposit box?

  • valuables
  • coin and stamp collections
  • spare keys
  • passbooks
  • securities
  • documents etc.
What cannot be stored in a safe deposit box?

What cannot be stored in a safe deposit box?

  • cash
  • objects and items that can endanger the safety of employees and the Bank’s premises or damage the safe deposit boxes and their contents
  • flammable, explosive or radioactive objects
  • objects susceptible to decay and deterioration
Use of the safe deposit box

Use of the safe deposit box

  • when using the safe deposit box mechanically, the Bank hands the keys to one safe deposit box lock to the user, while the key to the other safe deposit box lock is kept by the Bank, so that the safe deposit box can only be opened and closed at the same time and together
  • when using the safe deposit box electronically, the safe deposit box user opens the lock using a key after the Bank electronically unblocks the safe deposit box lock (using a computer)
Cessation of the use of the safe deposit box

Cessation of the use of the safe deposit box

Expiry of the agreement, cancellation due to contractual non-conformity, by the user or the death of the user or the dissolution of the legal person.


Notice for the users of safe deposit boxes in the Oktogon Branch Office

We would like to inform our clients that the activities of moving the safes from the Oktogon branch have been completed.

You can continue to use this service at the location of the Radnička Branch, Radnička cesta 44, 10000 Zagreb, starting from 13 December 2021.

Access to the safe deposit boxes will be provided during the working hours of the Radnička Branch: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.00 and Sat 8.00-12.00.

For additional information related to this service, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to sefovi.poslovnica.radnicka@pbz.hr or by calling the phone numbers: 01/63 62 365, 01/63 62 565, 01/63 62 888.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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