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Eurizon Asset Management Croatia

Investments in funds.

Eurizon Asset Management Croatia

Eurizon Asset Management Croatia limited liability company for investment fund management (abbreviated: Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o.) by the 29/11/2020 operated under the name imenom PBZ Invest d.o.o.

The said changes will have no impact on your existing contractual relationship with the Company, including your contractual rights and obligations, which remain unchanged. There is no need to conclude new contracts, nor are you required to take any further action. 

The Company successfully operat on the Croatian market for more than two decades and has been a part of the Eurizon family since 2013 within the asset management division of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of the largest banking groups in Europe.

The Company currently manages more than HRK 5 billion in assets* in 25 funds and individual portfolios and during those years it was a winner of numerous professional awards of the Investment Fund Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The Company is the second largest company for UCITS investment fund management in the Republic of Croatia with a market share of 24.05%* on 30 September 2021 and will endeavour to keep its focus on the development as well as on continued promotion of products that it manages in the interest of its clients, partners and the community in which the Company operates.

Privredna banka Zagreb, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, will remain, by means of its sales network, the most important distributor of investment funds that the Company manages and its clients will continue to be able to trade shares through the existing distribution channels of Privredna banka Zagreb, as well as by means of other distributors with which the Company has a business cooperation contract, thereby keeping the high professional standards and standards of competence in providing its services.

*Source: HANFA, on 30/9/2021

The company operates at the address Ulica grada Vukovara 271, Zagreb. The phone number: +385 1 6363 699 and email address: eurizonam@eurizonam.hr.


More information on: https://eurizonam.hr/



Create your Capital Accumulation Plan.

Create your Capital Accumulation Plan.

Find out how to invest in Eurizon Asset Management Croatia investment funds via standing orders.

Investment fund

Our investment funds are a specific type of investing funds, wherein the investor chooses the funds whose investment goals are in accordance with the investor’s investment goals, depending on their financial goals, the duration of the investment and the potential yield or risk. Find out more

Investment funds

Investment funds

The Company currently manages 25 open-ended investment funds with a public offering, and these are the following:

  • Eurizon HR Start fund
  • Eurizon HR D-Start fund
  • Eurizon HR Bond fund
  • Eurizon HR Global fund
  • Eurizon HR Equity fund
  • Eurizon HR Conservative 10 fund
  • Eurizon HR Euro Short Term Bond fund
  • Eurizon HR Flexible 30 fund
  • Eurizon HR International Multi Asset fund
  • Eurizon HR Moderate 30 fund
  • Eurizon HR Dollar Progressive fund
  • Eurizon HR Equity World fund     
  • Eurizon HR Active Defensive fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2027 fund
  • Eurizon HR Active Defensive 2 fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2027 II fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2027 III fund
  • Eurizon HR Dollar Bond 3 fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2025 fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2025 II fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2025 III fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2025 IV fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2026 fund
  • Eurizon HR Cash fund
  • Eurizon HR Target 2026 II fund
Eurizon Asset Management Croatia services

Eurizon Asset Management Croatia services

Apart from establishing and managing investment funds, Eurizon Asset Management Croatia also offers a specialised service of managing a securities portfolio for natural and legal persons whose main investment characteristic is entrusting the management of a part of the personal property to a professional manager.

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