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Revolving credit cards

Set the amount for your monthly invoice for your card yourself.

Take advantage of the benefits

Revolving loan

Repayment of monthly expenses in full or min. 5% of the used amount

Practical payment

Contactless payment for even faster and easier purchases.

Without fee

Without enrollment and annual fee for all existing and new customers.

Manage your cards anytime and anywhere!
PBZ digital banking
Manage your cards anytime and anywhere!
Check your card details and stay informed on the go with PBZ Digital Banking
Contract preapproved cards quick, easy and completely online
Change the set limits according to your circumstances
Activate smart notifications to receive transaction information
Practical and secure payments

Transactions with Visa Classic and Mastercard® revolving cards at ATMs and POS device must be authorized with a PIN.

Contactless payment makes every purchase faster and as secure as possible, since you do not drop the card at any time. To activate the functionality of contactless payment, it is necessary to make the first transaction at an ATM or POS device by inserting the card and entering the PIN. For purchases up to EUR 40,00*, it is enough to attach the card to the POS device, while purchases over EUR 40,00 need to be additionally confirmed with a PIN.

*For additional security in certain situations, the contactless transaction will need to be confirmed with a PIN even for smaller amounts.

Revolving loan

Revolving credit cards are internationally valid cards that can be used at all points of sale and points of withdrawal with marks indicating that they accept Mastercard and Visa cards, as well as for Internet shopping.

A revolving loan is granted to the user of a revolving credit card with a general loan amount and automatic renewal.

Aligning of financial liabilities

Align your financial commitments

Find out why making financial commitments on time is important.


A revolving loan is granted to basic users of revolving credit cards for the payment of products and services, as well as for cash withdrawals using a revolving credit card.



Method of use

Method of use

By using a revolving card, the available amount of the loan granted for all expenses incurred using the card at points of sale at home and abroad, online shops and for the amount of withdrawn cash is reduced

  • repayment of the loan renews the available balance up to the amount of the granted revolving loan
  • the amount of the fee and the interest fees does not reduce the available loan amount (due for payment in full with the first following invoice).

More information on secure online purchase.



The collection of the obligatory minimum amount of monthly repayment of the used revolving credit (5% of the amount of used revolving credit, a minimum of EUR 18,00 - the accounting period is 30 days.


As of 1 December 2018, the registration fee and yearly membership for all existing and new clients are free of charge

  • no current account at PBZ is needed for contracting the card
  • the possibility of cash withdrawal up to the amount of the approved limit from all ATMs and POS devices marked with Mastercard and Visa, within and outside of Croatia, while in compliance with the daily limit for cash withdrawal
Mastercard Revolving card
Mastercard Revolving card
  • No fee and annual membership fee for all existing and new clients with the approval of a revolving loan
  • An application has to be filled out at your nearest PBZ branch to contract the card
  • An internationally valid card that can be used at points of sale and points of withdrawal with a mark indicating that they accept Mastercard
  • Enjoy additional benefits with selected partners with a Mastercard card
Secure online purchase

The card can be issued to a natural person having full legal capacity, with residence in Croatia and who has been determined by PBZ to have met all requirements for the issuing of the card.



Reporting a lost or stolen card:

  • by calling: 01/4891 333 0-24 with mandatory written confirmation
  • at your nearest PBZ branch

Find out additional information by calling our free helpline 0800 365 365, the number 01/4891 333 or at your nearest PBZ branch.


Secure card use

Learn how to protect yourself when using debit and credit cards at ATMs, points of sale or when shopping online.

Security of purchase

Secure card use

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