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Capital Accumulation Plan

Investing in investment funds via standing orders is a simple and efficient way of investing.

Create your Capital Accumulation Plan


Automatic periodic payments of small amounts. From 15 EUR / 15 USD.


Ability to manage contracted standing orders.

Regular investment

Choosing the right moment to invest.

Achieving big goals with small steps

Investing small amounts over a longer period makes it easier to meet long-term financial goals such as buying real estate, supplemental retirement, saving for the needs of children in the future or for unforeseen life situations.

In a simple and efficient way, the Capital Accumulation Plan enables payment via standing order to the selected investment fund managed by Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o. and Eurizon Capital S.A. Luxemburg with periodic payments that you have chosen yourself in advance.

It's easier to achieve your goals

Investment doesn`t require significant financial resources. Create your investment plan and achieve your long-term investment goals more easily:

  • investing in selected time intervals thanks to the possibility of contracting a standing order for the purchase of shares in the investment funds managed by Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o. and Eurizon Capital S.A. Luxemburg.*
  • constant accumulation of capital in a systematic way, while allowing focus on long-term goals and investment in accordance with financial capabilities.

*Investment in investment funds managed by Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o. and Eurizon Capital S.A. Luxemburg is available through a standing order to all clients who have a contracted Investment counseling service.


  • contracting a standing order from 15 EUR / 15 USD in daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual intervals and for an indefinite or fixed time.
  • the possibility of managing the contracted standing orders - changing the amount of the standing order or the payment interval and the possibility of canceling the standing order at any time without fee.
  • simple monitoring of investments, progress and status of completed transactions.
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Create your CApital Accumulation Plan!

  • users of PBZ Digital Banking service within the menu Investment, by selecting the sub-menu Capital Accumulation Plan, can create an investment plan by contracting a standing order at weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual intervals to purchase shares in the desired investment fund managed by Eurizon Asset Management Croatia d.o.o. and Eurizon Capital S.A. Luxemburg .
  • contract the Investment consulting service at the nearest PBZ branch.

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