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Giro account in EUR

Receiving occasional earnings? Choose the PBZ giro account!

Take advantage of the benefits

International card

You will receive an international Visa Debit card

For locals and foreigners

A giro account can be opened by both local and foreign natural persons

Speed and practicality

Get your money quickly at marked ATMs and points of withdrawal.

Manage your finances when ever and where ever you are!
Digital banking
Manage your finances when ever and where ever you are!
Check your account balance easily with PBZ Digital Banking and manage your finances on the go.
Track your finances using real-time transaction notifications.
Activate Quick transfers to transfer between your accounts without authorisation.
Use your biometric data to log in and authorise transactions on appropriate devices.
Opening the account
Opening the account

Opening the account

Opening a giro account for occasional earnings? The following documentation is required for contracting a giro account in EUR:

  • for local physical persons: a valid identification document - identity card or OIB certificate
  • for foreign physical persons: a valid identification document - passport or identity card for non-residents and proof of permanent or temporary residence in Croatia


The management fee for the PBZ giro account in EUR is monthly ranging from 0,48 EUR to 0,80 EUR depending on the Inovacija package. 

  • the first regular monthly management fee for a giro account in EUR will be charged 90 days after the account is opened.
  • the fee is not charged to clients with student status, for those below the age of 27 (regardless of their student status) or those who are users of the PBZ Indeks student package
The Visa Debit card
The Visa Debit card
  • Pay reliably and simply at points of sale.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs and points of withdrawal across the world with a mark indicating that they accept the Visa card.
  • Confirm transactions using your PIN or signature.
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