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Smart payments

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Make payments anywhere at any time


Transactions made simple with use of modern technologies

Discover new ways to pay with PBZ mobile app!
Smart payments
Discover new ways to pay with PBZ mobile app!
Pay as simple and fast as sending a message to a friend with #withPAY functionality
Pay your bills instantly by scanning a 2d bar code
Speed ​​up transfers between your own accounts by activating Quick Transfer functionality
Simplify transactions with your frequent contacts and pay faster without authorization
Google Pay


Forget your wallet, pay contactless with your mobile phone!

Carry out everyday transactions using just your Android or iOS mobile phone and take advantage of the simpler payment.

Fast payments to Favourites

Fast payments to Favourites

Add to trusted beneficiary

Do you have contacts that you regularly make payments in your list of the recipients? Or are you the person in the family who "fills" the other members' mobile phones with the vouchers?

You can mark those account numbers and mobile phone numbers that you keep track of ar reliable and you can make such transactions faster without the need to authorize each.

Faster payments

Check bank accounts of your most common recipients as reliable and you can pay for these funds without the need for authorization for each transaction using biometric ID or PIN.

Easy transfer

Easy transfer

Accelerate transfers

Would you like to transfer funds between your accounts in a simpler way or pay a credit card account in a moment? Activate Easy transfer functionality and you can make transactions at a glance.

If you enable the Easy transfer feature, you can transfer money from your current or savings account in the same or different currency, to pay on your credit cards or loans, without the need to authorize each transaction.

Scan and pay

Scan and pay

The simplest way to pay your bills

Do not wait to find a post office or come to your computer to pay your bills. Simply take your smartphone and pay your monthly bills in seconds by scanning 2D bar code.

Pay in the moment

Simply scan the 2D bar code on a payment order with your smartphone camera to automatically fill in payment information. No text entry or manual data entry. Simply pay your bills by confirming the auto-embedded data. 



Quick payment to your contacts

#withPAY allows you to pay at the speed of light, which makes daily banking transactions faster and more convenient than ever before. 

Simply open the PBZ mobile banking application and pay directly to your contacts from the pre-login screen of the app. 

Registration and payment


To start using #withPAY, sign in to the service by clicking the #withPAY button on the login screen of the app or in Settings. All you need is the mobile phone number registered in the bank database and the active account in euros.

Payment via #withPAY is made between the service user. To pay, just click on #withPAY on the login screen of the app and select the recipient from your contact list. You can search for your contacts and show them with photos to make everything more intuitive. Determine the amount you want to pay, add a description and done! Payment is approved by biometric ID or PIN.



Every day, more and more people value the simplicity and efficiency of #withPAY.

Invite friends and contacts to connect by selecting them in the contacts list and invitation will be sent to them automatically.

Fast Instant Payments

Fast Instant Payments

In just 10 seconds, transfer the funds to the recipient in another bank!

The new Instant payment service enables all PBZ clients, citizens and business entities, a fast and efficient service in making and executing Instant payment orders in kunas to a transaction account in another bank in Croatia by means of all the bank channels – at a PBZ branch, through PBZ digital banking – mobile and online version, PBZCOM@NET.

The funds will be transacted to the recipient of the Instant order in 10 seconds at most regardless in which of the banks in Croatia he has an open transaction account with the necessary precondition that the bank of the payer and the bank of the payment recipient are participating in the newly established EuroNKSInst payment system.

The participants of EuroNKSInst payment system are:

  • Addiko Bank d.d.
  • BKS BANK AG, Main Branch Croatia
  • Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d.
  • Istarska kreditna banka Umag d.d.
  • Partner banka d.d. 
  • Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
  • Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Instant payment advantages:

  • Service availability 24/7/365 – transactions can be made any day of a year, 24 hours a day, regardless if it is a business or non-business day
  • Speed – the transaction is made and the funds are available on the recipients’ account within 10 seconds at most
  • Access the service from anywhere – Instant payment orders can be made through digital channels (PBZ digital banking – mobile and online version) and in PBZ branches
  • Maximum amount of the transaction – up to EUR 13.273,00 (HRK 100.000,00) per transaction.

Try the fastest payment by EuroNKSInst payment system!

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