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Visa Classic cards

A reliable and practical payment method around the world

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Access money at any moment, regardless of your location.


Manage your money at the highest level of card use security.


Different card payment methods adapted to your needs.

Manage your cards anytime and anywhere!
PBZ digital banking
Manage your cards anytime and anywhere!
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Check the details about your cards and your transaction history.
Change the set limits according to your circumstances.
Activate smart notifications to receive transaction information.

International debit card

The Visa Debit card is an international debit card based on the latest technological solutions, providing the highest level of security when used on devices that support chip technology.

The Visa Debit card offers reliable and simple payment at points of sale and Internet points of sale, as well as cash withdrawal at ATMs at home and abroad.

Secure online purchase

Aligning of financial liabilities

Align your financial commitments

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Fees when using the Visa Debit card

  • card payment for products and services - without a fee 
  • cash withdrawal at ATMs and PBZ EFT POS devices - without a fee 
  • for cash withdrawal transactions using the ATMs and EFT-POS devices of other banks, a fee is charged in accordance with the Decision on fees for services provided by PBZ and they are charged by charging the current account in EUR and foreign currency equivalent to the selected currency, which is why the available funds in the selected currency on the current account should suffice for covering the requested amount of cash and the total fee charged 
  • the conversion of other currencies into a selected currency is possible within the same current account - without the conversion fee
Your EUR and foreign currency current account card
Your EUR and foreign currency current account card
  • Manage your money in EUR and foreign currency (EUR, USD or CHF) and replace the EUR and foreign currency passbook with a bank card
  • For cash withdrawals (in Croatia, money will be paid out in EUR, abroad in the currency of the country you are in)
  • Confirm the transactions using your PIN or signature
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Your giro account card in EUR
Your giro account card in EUR
  • Pay reliably and simply at points of sale
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs and points of withdrawal across the world with marks indicating that they accept the Visa card
  • Confirm the transactions using your PIN or signature
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Reporting a lost or stolen card:

  • by calling: 01/4891 333 0-24 with mandatory written confirmation
  • at your nearest PBZ branch

Find out additional information by calling our free helpline 0800 365 365, the number 01/4891 333 or at your nearest PBZ branch. 


Secure card use

Learn how to protect yourself when using debit and credit cards at ATMs, points of sale or when shopping online.

Security of purchase

Secure card use

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