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Current account in EUR for young people 18-25

Use the opportunity and from July 10 until October 31, 2023, contract a PBZ Young current account and Digital banking, activate #withSAVE and 10 euros will arrive in your virtual piggy bank.

Take advantage of the benefits

Free account

Free opening and management of the account for young people 18-25

Different payment methods

Pay contactless using a Visa Inspire card and shop safely online

Wide ATM network

Easy cash withdrawal whenever needed

services for young people


Whether you're going to work or college, you need a checking account.

  • Until 31.10.2023. contract a current account PBZ young and PBZ digital banking or PBZ Indeks plus student package
  • Activate the virtual piggy bank #withSAVE within the mobile application during the promotional period
  • After activating your #withSAVE virtual piggy bank within 10 working days, we will deposit 10 euros into your piggy bank 
Manage your money easily, on the go!
Manage your money easily
Manage your money easily, on the go!
Use PBZ Digital Banking to control your money 24/7.
Review your account details and check your transaction history.
Transfer money faster and more easily wherever you are and whenever you want.
Activate smart notifications to get information about payments to your account.


The benefits of the PBZ current account in EUR for young people:

  • it’s free
  • your money is available at any time via the PBZ ATM network or PBZ digital banking
  • withdrawing cash at PBZ ATMs and other Intesa Sanpaolo Group members’ ATMs without a fee 
  • pay secure and fast using your Visa Inspire card 
  • contactless payment of up to EUR 40

The right choice for your finances

Take the first step into your financial independence with a free PBZ checking account for young.

Only for young people aged 18 to 25 - free of charge.

To get a Visa Inspire debit card for a current PBZ youth account, come to the nearest PBZ branch, present your ID card and open an account.

In order to always have your bank at hand, with the current account for young people, contract the most modern digital banking for free.

The Visa Inspire Card
The Visa Inspire Card
  • Contactless payment without a PIN up to 40 EUR
  • You can use it in Croatia and abroad
  • Secure Internet shopping
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Thinking of studying?

Thinking of studying?

Contract the PBZ Indeks plus student package and use more products and services to make it easier to do business with the Bank.
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