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PBZ cards

Manage your money safely, easily and quickly at home or abroad

Pick a card that fits your needs

Are you looking for a card that will give you flexibility when shopping, travelling and in all everyday situations? PBZ cards will provide all this and much more All cards are secure, internationally accepted, adapted to your needs and front-runners in terms of the latest card technologies.

Visa Inspire

The key to your current account in EUR.
  • The lines representing the fingerprint.
  • Distinctive orange edge of the card.
  • Card made of recycled plastic.
Visa Inspire

Visa Inspire Sticker

Stick and pay
  • Stick a reduced debit card to your mobile phone to have it at hand
  • Pay by pressing the Sticker card against a POS device
  • Pay for amounts up to EUR 40 without entering a PIN
Visa Inspire Sticker

Visa Debit

A reliable and practical payment method around the world
  • Access money at any moment, regardless of your location.
  • Manage your money at the highest level of card use security.
  • Different card payment methods adapted to your needs.
Visa Debit

Gift card

Pick an ideal and practical gift for various occasions - the PBZ gift card
  • Pick a practical gift for various occasions or for your own needs.
  • Pay the chosen amount and the card is ready to be used.
  • At marked points of sale and ATMs at home and abroad.
Mastero Prepaid

Premium Visa

Cards that follow their owner’s lifestyle
  • Choose Premium Visa card that fits your needs.
  • Use the card at 54 million points of sale at home and abroad.
  • Premiuim benefits custom to fit your everyday needs.
Premium Visa

Credit cards with payment delay

Shop with payment delay interest-free and discover other Visa and Mastercard® card benefits
  • Pay 100 % of all expenses on the day the payment is due.
  • Contactless payment for even faster and easier purchases.
  • Pick the design for the card you want to use.
Kreditne kartice s odgodom plaćanja

Revolving credit cards

Set the amount for your monthly invoice for your Visa or Mastercard® card yourself
  • Repayment of monthly expenses in full or min. 5% of the used amount
  • Contactless payment for even faster and easier purchases.
  • Without enrollment and annual fee for all existing and new customers.
Revolving kreditne kartice
Aligning of financial liabilities

Align your financial commitments

Find out why making financial commitments on time is important.
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Let's communicate via chat

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