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Visa Inspire Sticker

Stick and pay

Take advantage of the benefits

Always at hand

Stick a reduced debit card to your mobile phone to have it at hand

Press against and pay

Pay by pressing the Sticker card against a POS device

Quick and easy

Pay for amounts up to 100 HRK without entering a PIN

Faster payment

Make paying by card even simpler and considerably faster:

  • contactless at home or abroad,
  • amounts over 100 HRK need to be authorized with your PIN
  • a Sticker card PIN is identical to your initial Visa Inspire Card PIN
  • you can carry out up to ten transactions totaling 5000 HRK per day

Your debit card in reduced form

Become an owner of a Visa Inspire Sticker Card that sticks to phone yet provides quicker and simpler payment for goods and services.

Payment is authorized by pressing a mobile phone with an attached Sticker Card against a reading device or by entering a PIN if the amount for payment is larger than 100 HRK.

The process of using a Visa Inspire Sticker Card
Step 1
The Sticker is activated after handing it to the owner at a PBZ branch
Step 2
Remove the Sticker card from the larger card and stick it to a mobile
Step 3
Your Sticker Card is ready to be used
Step 4
Authorise amounts over 100 HRK using your PIN


Reporting a lost or stolen card:

  • by calling: 01/4891 333 0-24 with mandatory written confirmation
  • at your nearest PBZ branch.


Complaints for transactions carried out with a Sticker card can be addressed to:

  • your nearest PBZ branch.
  • by email to: pbz365@pbz.hr
  • by calling: 0800 365 365 or 01 / 6360 000
  • by telefax: 01/ 6360 063

A proof of payment should be submitted together with the complaint. The bank will inform you about the decision on the complaint within the legal deadline.


Secure card use

Learn how to protect yourself when using debit and credit cards at ATMs, points of sale or when shopping online.

Security of purchase

Secure card use

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