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Insurance Solutions

Protect yourself from unexpected circumstances by choosing an insurance model to fit your needs.

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Protection against future damage cases

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Different types of coverage for various risks


Take out an insurance policy in any PBZ branch office quickly & easily

Partnership in bancassurance

Privredna banka Zagreb and Generali osiguranje have signed a new cooperation model that combines banking services and insurance products, providing their clients with even greater support through bancassurance.

Understanding the needs of clients and the developed business network of Privredna banka Zagreb and rich experience in insurance of Generali osiguranje are the basis of a partnership that creates additional value for our clients who want a higher level of security for their family, property and business.

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Choose an insurance model according to your needs

Protect yourself from undesirable consequences on time. As an insurance intermediary, Privredna banka Zagreb enables you to take out an insurance policy that fits your needs and capabilities.

Life insurance

Insure yourself and your family
  • Protection in case of adverse events.
  • High level of protection and ultimate savings
  • Choose a suitable insurance model
Zivotno osiguranje

Compulsory and all risk car insurance

Compulsory insurance against third-party liability
  • Coverage of material and immaterial third-party costs
  • Optional installments via the cards or standing orders
  • Take out an insurance policy in any PBZ branch office
Compulsory and all risk car insurance

Investment life insurance

life insurance with investment
  • Protection in case of adverse events.
  • Choose your investment fund.
  • Choose a suitable model of insurance.
Investicijsko životno osiguranje

Additional health insurance

Taking care of your health is important
  • Coverage of co-payments in compulsory health insurance
  • Show your additional insurance certificate to cover co-payments
  • Premium as a one-off or installment payment
Additional health insurance

Insurance of household and property

Keep your home safe
  • Financial security in unforeseen events
  • Coverage against risks of natural disasters, fire, floods, etc.
  • Insurance for structural parts of your home and/or household items
Insurance of household and property

Travel health insurance

For carefree and safe journey
  • Assistance in case of undesirable events on the road
  • Various risk coverage for the entire duration of the trip
  • Individual, family or group insurance
Travel health insurance

Accident insurance

Insurance against consequences of an accident
  • Protection for sudden and unforeseeable events
  • For one or several years, depending on the model
  • Choose a suitable model
Accident insurance

Loan repayment insurance

Protection against inability to repay a loan
  • Financial protection and security during the loan repayment period
  • High level of protection with affordable premiums
  • Various coverage depending on the loan type and repayment period
Loan repayment insurance
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