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Travel health insurance

For carefree and safe journey.

This is why you’ll like it


Assistance in case of undesirable events on the road

Scope of coverage

Various risk coverage for the entire duration of the trip

Select your preferred model

Individual, family or group insurance

Safety on the road

You need that safe feeling wherever you go on vacation or for business reasons.

As an insurance intermediary and in cooperation with Generali osiguranje, Privredna banka Zagreb enables you to take out insurance packages that fit your needs at PBZ branch offices.

Insurance users

Insurance users

The travel insurance package is intended for:

  • tourists
  • to travelers as well as to skiers while traveling and abroad


Travel health insurance can cover:

  • the cost of treatment during the trip and stay abroad
  • insurance of passengers against the consequences of an accident (accident)
  • daily fee for wearing the immobilizer (for skiers only)
  • daily fee for unused ski pass (for skiers only)
  • private liability insurance
  • luggage insurance
  • travel cancellation insurance
  • car assistance
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