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Accident insurance

Insurance against consequences of an accident.

This is why you’ll like it


Protection for sudden and unforeseeable events

Insurance period

For one or several years, depending on the model

Varied offering

Choose a suitable model between two insurance providers

Insurance packages

Insure yourself and your family against accidents.

As an insurance intermediary and in cooperation with Generali osiguranje and Croatia osiguranje, Privredna banka Zagreb enables you to take out an insurance policy that fits your needs.

Insurance and protection

  • safety of the policy holder and his family
  • mitigates harmful consequences in case of an accident
  • various coverages
  • affordable premiums

Take out an accident insurance policy at your next PBZ branch office.

Croatia osiguranje

Croatia osiguranje


Affordable insurance premium, equal for all policyholders, regardless of age, occupation or state of health.

Types of insurance policies

You can choose from:

  • Klasik
  • Klasik plus
  • Aktiv
  • Aktiv plus

Insured persons

18 to 75 year olds can be insured.

Basic risks covered by insurance

The basic risks covered by accident insurance are:

  • permanent disability and
  • accidental death


The minimum premium is 50 kn for a year.

Generali osiguranje

Generali osiguranje


Accident insurance policy with consequences:

  • death by accident
  • death by car accident
  • permanent disability


  • the safety of the insured in the event of disability
  • family safety in the event of the insured's death
  • increased payment for permanent disability higher than 50%
  • one or two people can be insured per policy

Risks covered by insurance

  • death by accident
  • death by car accident
  • permanent disability

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is 87 kn for one year, for one person.

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