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Smart and fast payments to your contacts

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Try super fast payments using #withPAY today!

Pay at the speed of light!

Access #withPAY from the PBZ mobile banking login screen, select a contact from the offered list of mobile phone contacts, enter the amount and that's it!

#withPAY is with you in all situations: quickly and easily pay the amount to your contacts, split the costs when buying a birthday present for a mutual friend and much more.

What can you do with #withPAY?

  • Pay quickly and easily to your contacts, members of the #withPAY community and contacts whose mobile numbers are registered with RPIR for Instant Payments.
  • Send a payment request to your contacts, members of the #withPAY community.
  • Donate to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), a non-profit organization for the protection of nature.
See how #withPAY works in the video.

How to start using it?

  • In order to start using this innovative functionality, you need to register in the #withPAY community by selecting the #withPAY functionality on the mobile application login screen

What are the prerequisites for fast payments with #withPAY?

  • Payment takes place between members of the #withPAY community and your contacts whose mobile numbers are registered in the RPIR (Register of Intermediate Account Identifiers) for Instant Payments.

How does payment via #withPAY work?

  • Simply! Access #withPAY from the login screen in the mobile application and select the recipient from the contact list. Contacts who are clients of PBZ are marked with a lightning bolt icon.
  • Enter the amount and choose between payment options or sending a payment request. You authorize the transaction with a PIN or biometric data.

Simple, fast, practical!

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