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Open savings

Savings with the possibility of making multiple in-payments during a fixed-term period.

This is why you’ll like it


In-payment of funds during a fixed-term period

Excellent terms

A fixed interest rate with a premium for the interest amount

Choosing the term

6 to 36 or 84 month terms, depending on the currency

Small steps for big difference

Would you like to put something aside, but you don’t have a large amount to start with? With a minimal initial amount, open savings allow you to make multiple subsequent in-payments according to your capabilities during the fixed-term period.


Small daily savings for achieving bigger goals
  • Small daily savings without logging into PBZ’s mobile banking app
  • When paying with your Visa Inspire card at POS terminals
  • Transfer funds into the savings account & withdraw whenever you want

e-Kasica in HRK

Save a small amount every day
  • Save whenever you are making day-to-day transactions
  • Choose how, how much and when to save
  • Automated depositing with optional additional in-payments

Perspektiva savings

Save with subsequent in-payments according to your capabilities
  • Choose the amount and deposit rate as you like
  • Fixed-interest rate, premium and a choice between HRK, EUR, or USD
  • Contract savings using digital banking or at your nearest PBZ branch

Children's savings

General purpose savings for a safer future of your child
  • With subsequent deposits according to what you can afford
  • With fixed-interest rate and a premium on the calculated interest
  • Make a choice between HRK and EUR
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