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Keep your digital safety

Learn more about the safety and protection of personal data on the Internet and how to ensure protection against the most frequent types of online fraud.

The digital era

Digitalization has pervaded nearly all aspects of our lives – we use e-mails and social networks for everyday communication, we use online banking services and we shop online. We are making use of the numerous benefits offered by modern technologies, but it is also important to identify and protect ourselves from possible abuse.

Internet safety is being constantly improved but there are also numerous steps you can take to protect yourself.

Protect your personal data

Protect your personal data

By protecting your personal data, you are protecting yourself from possible abuse.

  • Familiarize yourself with information about personal data processing.
  • Study the privacy policy before you provide any personal data on the internet or social networks; make sure you know what you are consenting to.
  • Limit the information you publish on the social networks.

Learn more about personal data protection at https://azop.hr/naslovna-english/

Prevent identity theft

Prevent identity theft

Identity theft can happen via email (phishing), phone call (vishing) or SMS message (smishing). Fraudsters will try to convince you to share personal, financial or security information with them.

  • Approach messages from the Bank with caution. In case of doubt, contact the Bank.
  • Do not respond to emails that ask for your personal or payment card information.
  • Do not open attachments or links in suspicious emails. The links direct you to a fake website or fake e-mail to collect personal and financial information.
Increase password strength

Increase password strength

  • Use more complex and unique passwords for different accounts.
  • Change your passwords used to access web services and pages every few months.
  • Do not share your passwords with other people.
  • Use a secure computer with anti-virus programs that protect your data and passwords.
  • Use a secure internet connection.

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Always access the PBZ Digital Banking internet app EXCLUSIVELY via the official PBZ website, by selecting the "Login" option in the upper right corner  (https://www.pbz.hr/#login).

NEVER access links from unverified sources!

How can you recognize communications that are not from the bank?

Privredna bank Zagreb pays special attention to the security of your transaction accounts and personal data by using state-of-the-art protection technologies.

We contact our clients via e-mail or phone on a regular basis, but during such communication, NO ONE WILL EVER ask you to provide the following:

  • access data for PBZ Digital Banking and authorization (user number and one-time password),
  • transaction account data (account number, limits, balance, etc.)
  • PIN for card user authentication and the authorization of payment transactions
  • to carry out a payment transaction or to enter data relating to the transaction accounts and payment cards via apps that are not the official apps of our Bank
  • to repeat the authentication/authorization required to continue to use blocked online banking services or transaction accounts.

If you have any suspicions concerning access to the PBZ digital banking service or if you receive an e-mail with suspicious content sent in the name of Privredna bank Zagreb, please do not click on the links in such messages and do not open any attachments.

Please report any suspicion:

Be informed!

Be informed!

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