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Children's savings

General purpose savings for a safer future of your child.

This is why you’ll like it


With subsequent deposits according to what you can afford

Great terms

With fixed-interest rate and a premium on the calculated interest


Savings in EUR

Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
Manage your savings anytime and anywhere!
With digital banking, you can easily manage your finances from home or wherever you are
Set free notifications for the expiry of the fixed-term period
You can see the details of your deposits at any time
Use your biometric data to log in and authorise transactions on appropriate devices

A good start

It is never too early to start saving money and thinking about your child’s financial future.

Contract children's savings at your nearest PBZ branch office and provide your child with a good start and secure future.

Savings for kids

Children's savings is contracted and made in the child’s name and is concluded by a legal representative (parent) or guardian (person appointed by the relevant Department of Social Services).



  • minimum initial savings amount of EUR 25,00 with 24 to 84 month terms
  • interest payment upon expiry of the agreed fixed-term period
  • upon expiry of the fixed-term period, a premium is calculated on the interest amount
  • no fees for premature cancellation


  • subsequent deposits can be made by legal guardians (parents) at a rate and in amounts according to their wishes
  • make in-payments using standing order, PBZ Digital Banking banking or coming personally to a PBZ branch office

The right to dispose of the deposit account in the child’s name:

  • parents (legal representatives) may dispose of the deposit account funds made in the name of a minor without court approval or other parental consent in monthly amounts of up to EUR 1.327,23 (pursuant to the provisions of the Family Act, Official Gazette no. 103/2015)
  • guardians may dispose of the child’s funds only under decision of the relevant Department of Social Services
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