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Compulsory and all risk car insurance

Compulsory insurance against third-party liability.

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Coverage of material and immaterial third-party costs


Optional installments via the cards or standing orders

Simple contracting

Take out an insurance policy in any PBZ branch office

Motor liability insurance

Motor liability insurance is mandatory for all owners or users of motor vehicles. By taking out an insurance policy, a road user insures his/her third-party liability for damages caused by his/her own vehicle at home and abroad.

When getting insurance from a PBZ branch office, you will obtain:

  • a policy for motor liability insurance
  • international insurance certificate
  • European accident report form

Insurance range

As an insurance intermediary and in cooperation with Generali osiguranje, PBZ enables you to take out compulsory car insurance and all risk insurance (fully or partially comprehensive) at the nearest PBZ branch office.

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