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Premium Visa

Cards that follow their owner’s lifestyle

Take advantage of the benefits

Covers your needs

Choose Premium Visa card that fits your needs.

Practicality across the globe

Use the card at 54 million points of sale at home and abroad.

Premuim benefits

Premiuim benefits custom to fit your everyday needs.

Payment in installments

Buy everything you need now, and pay in installments without interest and fees!

Installment payments with Premium Visa cards can be realized at almost 30,000 selected retailers throughout Croatia, up to 36 installments without interest and fees, depending on the maximum number of installments that can be realized at the points of sale of individual sales partners.

Find out all about installment payments and points of sale where it is available on the PBZ Visa Premium Card website

A wide range

The PBZ Card Premium Visa program consists of 12 cards intended for different user groups. Apart from personal cards, we also offer business and co-brand cards developed in cooperation with our respective partners.
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Google Pay and Apple Pay are now available to PBZ Card Premium Visa card users.

Discover a fast, easy and secure way to make contactless payments with your devices.

Aligning of financial liabilities

Align your financial commitments

Find out why making financial commitments on time is important.


Reporting a lost or stolen card:

  • by calling: 01/612 44 22 from 0-24
  • at your nearest PBZ branch

Find out additional information by calling our free helpline 0800 365 365, the number 01/612 44 22 or at your nearest PBZ branch


Secure card use

Learn how to protect yourself when using debit and credit cards at ATMs, points of sale or when shopping online.

Security of purchase

Secure card use

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