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Housing Savings

taken over from PBZ stambena štedionica

Housing savings taken over from PBZ stambena štedionica

PBZ stambena štedionica d.d. was merged with its parent bank Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. on 16 June 2022.

What does the merger of PBZ stambena štedionica mean for clients?

After the merger, all the clients of PBZ stambena štedionica became clients of Privredna banka Zagreb and retained their rights and obligations under the housing savings contract and the housing loan.

After the merger, and during the term of the housing savings contract, the savings depositors reserve the right to:

  •  the savings deposit accumulating interest at a fixed interest rate in accordance with the valid housing savings contract,
  • state incentives in accordance with the Act on Housing Savings and State Incentives for Housing Savings,
  • transfer the housing savings funds with the credited state incentives to another housing savings society.

Clients will be notified of the expiration of the agreed savings period by the Bank at least 15 days prior to its expiration. The notice of the expiration of the savings period will contain all the information on further activities and opportunities that are available to the clients.

The rights and obligations from the housing loan contract will be exercised and fulfilled after the merger in the manner agreed upon in the contract, and all further changes under the existing contractual relation (e.g. early repayments, changes in participants, etc.) will be agreed with the Bank.

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