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Insurance of household and property

Keep your home safe.

This is why you’ll like it


Financial security in unforeseen events

Varied coverage

Coverage against risks of natural disasters, fire, floods, etc.


Insurance for structural parts of your home and/or household items

Insurance packages

Pick an insurance package according to your expected protection level.

As an insurance intermediary and in cooperation with Generali osiguranje, Privredna banka Zagreb enables you to take out an insurance policy at the nearest branch office that fits your needs.

Generali osiguranje

Generali osiguranje


  • within the property and household insurance package, the following can be arranged:
  • insurance for a family home and condominium and / or home insurance in which household items and home furnishings are provided

Family home and condominium insurance package

  • contracted to insure the building part of the building from fire, storm, water spillage from water and sewer pipes and glass breakage
  • can be contracted in the short, multi-year and long-term with the possibility of premium payment and in annual installments

Home insurance packages

  • include the insurance of household items, dwelling equipment and private liability (of the insured person and his / her family members), and are contracted for permanently settled buildings and occasionally settled buildings with safety devices
  • cover the consequences of fire and fire danger, hail, storm, burglary, common theft, robbery, water spillage from pipes due to breakage or freezing, glass breakage and the private liability of the insured and his or her family members
  • they can be contracted in the short, long or long term
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