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PBZ Digital Banking

When it comes to the bank, there is no dilemma - PBZ Digital Banking, fast and safe!

Mobile and Internet app in one service


Banking services wherever you are and whenever you need them


Use them on whichever device you choose and enjoy a unique experience.


Adapt the app to your own wishes and needs.

Pay at once. Divide into installments later.

Pay at once. Divide into installments later.

Split the cost of online purchase or purchase at a point of sale in the country and abroad made with your Visa Inspire card - later.
Contract PBZ Digital Banking until June 30, 2024 and get a special benefit: no monthly membership fee for the first three months of using the service for new users!
Step 1
Find your nearest PBZ branch.

List of branches
Step 2
Prepare your PBZ bank card and a valid identity card.
Step 3
Contract the Digital Banking following the steps on the signature pad.
Step 4
Activate PBZ mobile banking via registration codes or via your Internet banking.

Learn how
Finance 24/7


Explore the numerous innovative functionalities of the mobile app:

  • with #withPAY make fast and simple payments to your mobile phone contacts
  • withdraw cash at a PBZ ATM without a card using the code generated via #withCASH
  • turn saving into a habit, set aside small amounts every day with #withSAVE
  • shop safely online with 3D 2 Secure, access the Internet Banking or the e-Građani portal - all that with your mobile token #withKEY.

Smart payments

Practical, fast and simple!

  • pay your bills without manually filling in the data by Scan and Pay 
  • split the transaction amount with your contacts using the Split and Split option 
  • speed up transfers between your accounts with Easy transfer option
  • transfer funds to a recipient in another bank in just 10 seconds with Instant Payments 
  • pay contactless at points of sale with your mobile phone with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Read more about Smart payments!

Without going to branch you can...

  • contract a specific product or service online with a qualified electronic signature #withSIGN 
  • change the conditions for the products and services you already use and digitally sign documents with the Remote offer      
  • manage transaction limits independently
  •  contract the Investment counselling, create your investment plan and access your investment profile at any time.

The app tailored to your need

Customize the app to your needs!

  • add a nickname, profile picture, or customize your Dashboard display
  • choose the method of logging into the PBZ mobile banking app - using PIN or biometric data (fingerprint or Face ID)
  • be alwaysup-to-date: customize Smart notifications to your needs (notifications about payments to or payments from the account, due date of the next loan installment, expiration of savings, orders in the announcement) 
  • turn on the Fast Balance option and check the current balance of your selected account without logging into the app.
All functionalities

And much more...

Learn more about the other functionalities of PBZ Digital Banking.

The online banking service [PBZ Digital Banking] enables the use of Mobile and Internet Banking with a monthly membership fee of EUR 1.59, which is reduced depending on the Inovacija program.

New users who contract the service until June 30, 2024 can use the service for three months without paying a membership fee and discover the benefits of the online banking.

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