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Need help using the PBZ digital banking service? Do you want to change your personal data without going to a branch? Or are you simply interested in more about PBZ products or services?

You can find out all this and much more by talking to a PBZ virtual assistant, at any time of the day or night - 7 days a week.

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The PBZ virtual assistant is ready to help with general questions such as:

  • information about PBZ products and services,
  • using the PBZ Digital Banking mobile and/or internet app,
  • informative calculation of PBZ loan,
  • the nearest PBZ branch or ATM.
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Regardless of whether you are using a computer, smartphone or tablet - the PBZ virtual assistant is waiting for your inquiry.
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Start the chat option on the www pbz.hr or within PBZ Digital Banking, wherever and whenever you want.
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... or simply write the question you want in the provided field.

How to talk?

Read the tips for communicating with the PBZ virtual assistant:

  • make your question as short and specific as possible (eg I want to know more about the visa inspire card).
  • Avoid several different topics in one query (eg which credit cards you offer and where are the pbz ATMs in Varaždin). In case you need information on several different topics, "split" them into individual queries.
  • Avoid using abbreviations and "colloquial" language (dialect).

When talking to a PBZ virtual assistant, DO NOT leave your personal or financial information such as:

  • OIB,
  • transaction account number,
  • card number and card control number,
  • user number and one-time password.

Additional support

The PBZ virtual assistant looks forward to talking with you!

It's constantly learning and developing, and if it doesn't recognize your query, don't worry. You will be redirected to an e-agent during the working hours of the Contact Center .

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