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Google Pay

Do everyday transactions using just your mobile device and enjoy the benefits of simpler banking.

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Make daily transactions using your Android mobile phone


Contactless payments using virtual Visa Inspire and Visa Premium cards


Transactions are conducted quickly and safely


From now on, Google Pay service can also be used by Premium Visa card users!

Download the Google Pay mobile app, add your Premium Visa Infinite, Premium Visa Platinum, Premium Visa Gold or Visa Business Platinum card and pay contactless with your mobile phone.

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Google Pay

Google Pay

Forget your wallet, pay contactless with your mobile phone!

Carry out everyday transactions using just your Android mobile phone and take advantage of the simpler payment.

Contactless mobile payment

Contactless mobile payment

What is easy to use and works with the device you use on a daily basis? Google Pay. Forget your wallet, virtualize your Visa Inspire and Premium Visa card and pay via your Android mobile phone.


Simple and safe

Simple and safe

Just put your mobile phone on a POS device and done! During the transaction, Google Pay creates a uniques payment token. Your card information is protected and in no case forwarded to the merchant, and transactions are performed quickly and securely.

Discover why paying with Google Pay is not just simple but safe and how you can contribute to the safety yourself:

  • double charge option does not exist, even if you put your mobile phone twice to the POS device
  • in order to be able to add payment card to Google Pay and make payments in stores, you should enable screen lock on your mobile phone
  • if you disable screen lock on your mobile phone, Google Pay will remove your virtual account number from the mobile phone for safety reasons
  • you can use your mobile phone in stores when it is unlocked; if you lose your mobile phone or it gets stolen, you can find it, lock it or delete information from it via Android device Manager
  • Google Pay does not store card data on your mobile phone; if you lose your mobile phone or it gets stolen, the data will not be accessible, not even if the phone gets unlocked
For every day payments

For every day payments

Going out with friends? Shopping?  You need only your mobile phone for every payment.

Manage card info

Manage card info

Manage your enrolled active cards, set a card  as default or remove the card from Google Pay wallet.

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