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3D Secure 2 authentication

Secure online shopping via 3D Secure 2 payment confirmation

Secure online shopping

When it comes to online shopping, security is of the utmost importance.

The 3D Secure 2 program provides PBZ debit and credit card users with the highest level of security when purchasing at online points of sale.

A new way of authentication

Privredna banka Zagreb from 1/1/2021 applies the latest EMV 3DS 2.0 authentication standard which enables even safer online shopping via an online point of sale that is in the 3D Secure 2 system for users of :

  • PBZ Mastercard
  • PBZ Visa Classic
  • PBZ Visa Inspire
  • PBZ Visa Business Classic cards


The last step of purchasing at an online point of sale participating in the 3D Secure 2 program is authentication. The customer confirms the identity of the bank issuing his/her card using his/her one-time password generated via a mobile token or card reader in the same way as when logging into mobile or internet banking. The one-time password is exchanged exclusively between the customer and the card issuer's bank, and the online store does not have access to the data that is exchanged. In this way, only the customer can use the card at online points of sale that support the 3D Secure 2 program.



Purchase with PBZ Mastercard, PBZ Visa Classic, PBZ Visa Inspire and PBZ Visa Business Classic cards via an online point of sale that is in the 3D Secure 2 system, you confirm your purchase with one of the authentication devices you use to access online services:

  • #withKEY
  • PBZmToken
  • Card reader

3D Secure 2 biometrics - new and more advanced payment confirmation system

The fastest purchase confirmation process requires:

  1. Use the #withKEY mobile token that is part of the PBZ mobile banking app
  2. Activate and use biometric authentication by fingerprint or face scanning. Activate biometric authentication in the PBZ mobile banking application by selecting SETTINGS, then LOGIN AND SECURITY
  3. Activate NOTIFICATIONS (PUSH messages) within the SETTINGS of your mobile phone for the PBZ mobile banking app

How to activate PBZ digital banking mobile app

Authentication using #withKEY mobile token and PUSH notification

The fastest and easiest way to authenticate:

  • In the Settings of mobile device, find the PBZ mobile banking app and activate the "Allow notifications" option so that you can receive a payment authorization message.
  • Select the product at the online point of sale and enter the necessary payment information.
  • Clicking on PAY will open the authentication screen
  • You will receive a payment authorization notification on your mobile device. Open the notification and authorize the purchase with biometric data - fingerprint or PIN.
  • After successful confirmation, the purchase information screen will open - proceed with the authorization by pressing CONTINUE.
  • Confirm again with your fingerprint or PIN.
  • Accepted transaction will be confirmed by a message on the screen "Request sent successfully"
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