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Gift card

Pick an ideal and practical gift for various occasions - the PBZ gift card

Take advantage of the benefits

A practical gift

Pick a practical gift for various occasions or for your own needs.

Getting it is simple

Pay the chosen amount and the card is ready to be used.

Using the card

At marked points of sale and ATMs at home and abroad.

Various occasions

The PBZ gift card is a prepaid Maestro card that you can use as a gift for:

  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • Christmas holidays
  • promotions and similar

You can also use it for your own needs, such as in situations when you go abroad and don’t want to carry cash with you or for your child’s allowance.

Gift Card
How do you get a gift card?
  • Request one from a PBZ branch
  • Pay the amount
  • Pick an appropriate envelope for the occasion in which the card will be delivered along with its related PIN
  • The card is ready to be used right away


Reporting a lost or stolen card:

  • by calling: 01/4891 333 0-24 with mandatory written confirmation
  • at your nearest PBZ branch

Find out additional information by calling our free helpline 0800 365 365, the number 01/4891 333 or at your nearest PBZ branch. 


Secure card use

Learn how to protect yourself when using debit and credit cards at ATMs, points of sale or when shopping online.

Security of purchase

Secure card use

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