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Indeks plus student package

Everything you need in one package.

Here’s why you’ll like it


Possibility of authorized overdraft and installment payments by card

Visa Student Card

Visa Student Card with a 270 EUR limit

PBZ Digital Banking

Access to the bank 24/7

indeks plus

All in one package

PBZ Indeks plus student package is a package of services that we have created especially for your needs during your studies.

Everything you need, you will find in the package!

Current account in EUR and foreign currency, PBZ digital banking, giro account, Visa Inspire card and all other services needed for calm and relaxed study.

Winning combination in one package

Contract PBZ Indeks plus student package because it contains all the financial services you might need while studying.

There are:

  • PBZ current account in EUR and Visa Inspire debit card - for payments such as pocket money or income
  • PBZ giro account in EUR and Visa Debit card - for payments via SC or scholarship payment
  • PBZ current account in euro and foreign currency and Visa Debit card - for payments from abroad

For even sweeter unpacking

You will surely like the increase in financial capacity!

  • Visa Student card - brings you a spending limit of 270 euro 
  • The possibility of an authorized overdraft in the amount of 140 euros and installment payments with a Visa Inspire card in the amount of 140 euros
  • Visa Inspire debit card - becomes virtual with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • PBZ digital banking - brings you your bank in the palm of your hand 24/7

No less important ...

With the Indeks plus student package you also get:

  • Delivery of the monthly statement by e-mail
  • Possibility of contracting a standing order for the transfer of funds from the giro account to the current account
Pay at once. Divide into installments later.
Pay at once. Divide into installments later.
  • Divide purchase costs in a few clicks - directly via the PBZ Digital Banking mobile app!
  • The cost of online purchase or purchase at the point of sale in the country and abroad in the amount of EUR 70.00 to EUR 400.00.
  • In 3 installments only.
  • With a one-month delay in payment of the first installment.
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Who can contract a package?

Who can contract a package?

Who can contract a package?

The PBZ Indeks plus student package can be contracted by all full-time and part-time students who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia with permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, under the age of 27.


Additional benefits

Additional benefits

Additional benefits

  • The current account and the Visa Inspire card allow the possibility of an authorized overdraft* in the amount of 140 EUR and repayment in instalments in the amount of 140 EUR
  • The Visa Student card for students with a spending limit of up to 270 EUR, for purchasing in full or in instalments without interest and fees

* for the amount of the overdraft used, the interest rate is 4.94% per year, fixed



The monthly fee for maintaining PBZ Indeks plus student package is only EUR 0.40 to EUR 0.66 depending on the package Inovacija.

It's easy to become a user of the PBZ Indeks plus student package
Step 1
Open a student current account at a PBZ branch

Popis poslovnica
Step 2
Fill out the application for the Visa Student card

Download the form
Step 3
Submit a confirmation of university enrolment

Get closer to your goals with small savings!

Contract PBZ Indeks plus student package and e-Kasica, and we'll pay you a three-month managing fee for the package on e-Kasica.
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