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Apply for a PBZ student scholarship in a STEM area



HRK 3500 per month for a year

Opportunity for new knowledge

Opportunity for development in international projects in four STEM are


Get a job right after college

26 STEM area scholarships

Privredna banka Zagreb continuously invests in technological development and quality staff, thus shaping new standards in banking operations

We hereby announce a competition for the award of 26 STEM area scholarships for outstanding students in:

  • electrical engineering
  • computer science
  • IT
  • natural sciences and mathematics and related studies

with an open application deadline until the planned number of scholarships is fulfilled in each calendar year.

Apply for a scholarship according to the following criteria:
  • regular enrolment in the third year or higher year of study of electrical engineering, computer science, IT, natural sciences and mathematics and related studies
  • excellent grades during studies (high average grades) and regularity of study
  • written recommendation of a faculty teacher
  • fluency in English

Candidate selection

In addition to fulfilling the above conditions, the overall quality of the candidates will be taken into account when selecting them and achievements in competitions, recognitions and awards will be evaluated as a special advantage.

HRK 3,500 every month sounds good, doesn’t it?

The amount of the monthly scholarship for the duration of a full-time course is awarded in the monthly amount of HRK 3,500.00 net throughout the calendar year.

Internship begins after the traineeship:
  • 1-12 months after receiving the scholarship - the obligation to work for twice the time during which the student received the scholarship
  • more than 12 months of receiving the scholarship - the obligation to work is determined for a period of 24 months increased by additional months of receiving a scholarship in a ratio of 1:1, i.e.
  • mandatory 24 months of work for the first 12 months of scholarship + mandatory months of work equal to the number of months during which the scholarship was received after the period of receiving the scholarship of 12 months.

Send us your scholarship application

We continuously receive scholarships applications by e-mail:

  •  stipendija@pbz.hr
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