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Apply for a PBZ student scholarship in a STEM area



EUR 464,53 per month

Opportunity for new knowledge

Opportunity for development in international projects in STEM area


Get a job right after college

Why apply?

Privredna Banka Zagreb is shaping new standards in banking operations with its constant investments in technological development and quality personnel.
It is the employees of PBZ who are the basis of successful business, who actively participate in the modern development of the bank and the creation of constant changes.
Investments in the company's intellectual capital is the basic premise of excellence in service quality and high competitiveness on the modern banking market.
The Bank's vision is to be a role model and center of excellence in creating new values, thus putting its employees and scholarship recipients first.
In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship is also a confirmation of academic success and effort, as well as a reward for achieved results and motivation for new achievements.

STEM areas covered by the scholarship


  • Computer Science
  • informatics
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • electrical engineering

Scholarship amount

The amount of the monthly scholarship for the duration of a full-time course is awarded in the monthly amount of:

  • EUR 464,53 net throughout the calendar year.
Benefits during scholarship
  • - support during studies, understanding and help in case of need for the same
  • - a mentor is waiting for you in PBZ
  • - the possibility of professional practice
  • - student job (without prior registration)

What to expect after graduation

  • Employment in the competitive IT department of a large bank and work under the mentorship of experienced experts on international projects and with the latest technologies. In addition to the above, you have the opportunity to work on the development and maintenance of numerous internal applications used by the Bank's employees, as well as on the maintenance and optimization of the Bank's background network and infrastructure.
  • If you want to apply your technical knowledge in improving work with clients, analyzing data, developing statistical models and creating and monitoring campaigns, you will help in better understanding and forecasting the needs of clients, as well as in the development of new products and services intended to meet the stated needs.
  • If you see your future career in the department responsible for the establishment of efficient risk management processes to which the Bank is exposed, you can focus your knowledge on the development of statistical models and automatic decision-making systems based on internally developed models, as well as on measuring, monitoring and reporting on the mentioned risks.
  • Work at PBZ has a dynamic structure within a cheerful team, with whose help you will quickly overcome all obstacles and work tasks.
What we expect from you upon employment
  • - if you received a scholarship for 1-12 months, you must stay at work twice as long as you received the scholarship
  • - if you received the scholarship for more than 12 months, each subsequent month is added to the mandatory 24 months, but it is not doubled, and we expect you to stay at the Bank for that long, and we believe even longer

Application conditions

Applications are accepted at the e-mail address stipendija@pbz.hr or through the STEM Scholarship link STEM Stipendija

In order for the application to be complete, it is necessary to submit and fulfill the following conditions:

  • the status of a full-time student of the second or higher year of undergraduate studies
  • the status of a full-time graduate student
  • excellent achievements in grades during studies
  • written recommendation of a faculty teacher
  • fluent knowledge of the English language
  • curriculum vitae (CV)

Our scholars speak - Damir Ćuk

I am a graduate of mathematical statistics, and besides graphs and tables, I like to read a lot and travel.

PBZ's scholarship enabled me to buy the necessary books and accessories for studying, as well as some very nice student trips.

I expanded my knowledge from college by listening to courses on the online platforms Udemy and Percipio, which were made available to me by PBZ, and after defending my thesis I am looking forward to starting my business career at Privredna banka Zagreb.

Frane Bukala

The PBZ scholarship is used to cover the costs of an apartment and student life, because this year I did not acquire the right to a student dormitory.

Also, since I am already working as a student for PBZ, it is nice to know that the scholarship agreement provides me with continued business cooperation with PBZ.

Karmela Ljubičić

As a scholarship holder, I participated in training on artificial intelligence and data science organized by FER and PBZ, and I also collaborated with the Bank when preparing my thesis.

During that process, I gained new knowledge and valuable contacts that I still maintain today after almost 5 years, and the scholarship itself enabled me to transition from student desks to the working world more carefree. I saw employment at PBZ as a good opportunity to gain experience in a large team and as potential career guidance.

From the first working day, I have been participating in exciting projects, collaborating with numerous experts, and further educating myself. That is exactly why, after 3 years of working at PBZ, I am proud to be part of this team, and applying for the PBZ STEM scholarship proved to be the right decision.

Karmen Barnaki Brkić

I am glad that I received the PBZ scholarship because it enabled me to get a job in the desired company with less stress, and was also a significant source of income during my studies.

Lovro Sviben

The STEM Scholarship is a great incentive and motivation to continue your studies and that the effort really pays off!

Mirjana Pohižek

During my studies, the scholarship allowed me financial independence, professional practice in the Varaždin IT department, and mentoring in writing my thesis.

In the process of applying for a scholarship, through professional practice, internship and permanent employment, I would highlight the friendliness of the human resources staff, help and selfless sharing of knowledge by superiors and colleagues as the most positive experience.

Nena Buljubašić

Approaching graduation, I began to actively think about my future. I found the answers to the many questions I had in the PBZ scholarship.

The selection process itself was greatly facilitated by the PBZ Human Resources employees who were available for all questions and made it easy to relax during the process itself.

In addition to the scholarship itself, which makes student life easier (in my case outside the place of residence), it also provided me with the most important thing, which is the possibility of employment after graduating from college. In addition to all the above benefits, the PBZ scholarship also allowed me enough time for my university obligations and my hobbies and activities.

Petra Zelić

The scholarship is a kind of reward for the effort invested in studying and passing the exam. It represents a great motivation, but also carefree because the sentence "You just have to study" can be applied.

It offers the possibility of improving and learning through various courses, and on the other hand, they can fully devote themselves to college.

I am looking forward to continued cooperation and working as part of the PBZ team in the future. P.S. Thanks to PBZ for providing me with a scholarship and spending it in Italy.

Katarina Ožanić

I am extremely satisfied with the PBZ STEM scholarship, which made my student days more carefree.

Apply for the PBZ student scholarship in the STEM field
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