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Current account for students

It all begins here...

The current account gives you many benefits:


You wil get an overdraft of up to 140 eur

Contactless payment

A Visa Inspire card for contactless payments and online purchasing

Mobile payment

Visa Inspire card - becomes virtual with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Current account

Current account

The current account for students is part of the PBZ Indeks plus student package.

It is intended to receive and make payments.

It includes payments such as:

  • pocket money or
  • regular income.
Current account
Along with the current account, you also receive a Visa Inspire card that can be used for:
  • Contactless payment without a PIN up to 40 eur
  • Cash withdrawals at PBZ’s and other Intesa Sanpaolo Group members’ ATMs without a fee
  • Secure online shopping
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PBZ Indeks plus student package

PBZ Indeks plus student package

Get to know other benefits that PBZ Indeks plus student package brings you. Beside accounts, you get the coolest digital banking!

*If you use an overdraft, you will pay interest on the amount of the used overdraft, which is 4.94% per annum, fixed (EIR 4.94%).


Open a current account for students. It’s really easy!
Step 1
Come to the nearest PBZ branch

Find a branch
Step 2
Don`t forget your Student Indeks and ID card
Step 3
Contract current account
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