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Small daily savings for achieving bigger goals.

This is why you’ll like it

Easy and fun

Small daily savings without logging into PBZ’s mobile banking app

Mogućnost automatskih uplata

Prilikom plaćanja Visa Inspire karticom na POS uređajima


Transfer funds into the savings account & withdraw whenever you want

Small steps for big differences
Small steps for big differences
Small steps for big differences
Save small amounts throughout the day when and as much as you want by withdrawing virtual coins to your #withSAVE savings
Using automatic payments, you set aside small amounts for savings whenever you pay with your Visa Inspire card at the point of sale
Follow the progress of your savings using the visualised search by particular days or months
When you reach your savings goal, simply transfer the money back into your current account
Zabavna štednja

Fun savings

With PBZ mobile banking and innovative functionality #withSAVE discover the fun side of small savings:

  • choose the amount and withdraw it to your virtual wallet - without the need to log in to the application
  • automatically save small amounts every time you pay with your Visa Inspire current account card at the point of sale.


  • there is no minimum initial amount of savings
  • only PBZ Digital Banking users can contract #withSAVE 
  • payment of the interest is annually (on December 31)
  • no fee for maintaining a savings account
Flexible savings

Flexible savings

You can save by:

  • setting aside amounts according to your wishes and possibilities whenever you want and simply insert money into the virtual #withSAVE piggy bank
  • when contracting #withSAVE savings, choose the option of automatic payments so that every time you pay at the POS device with a Visa Inspire current account card, the amount up to the first full unit is automatically transferred to your savings account (e.g. the bill you pay at the POS device is EUR 18,50 on #withSAVE will transfer EUR 0,50)
Contract your #withSAVE savings
Step 1
Contract PBZ digital banking
Step 2
Click on the #withSAVE icon on the PBZ mobile banking login screen
Step 3
Read & agree to the terms & conditions & authorise using #withSIGN
Step 4
Start to save the amounts you prefer
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