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LUMEN Business

The biggest project of the eSTUDENT student association is opening its doors again and offers great opportunities for students. LUMEN is the name for the platform of four student competitions, which are also the largest competitions of this type in the region, covering the fields of BusinessData ScienceDevelopment Engineering.

LUMEN Business is the most famous student competition in solving business cases in Croatia and the region. It aims to achieve cooperation between proactive students and businesses.

Zašto se prijaviti na LUMEN Business?


Why apply to LUMEN Business?

  • valuable cash prizes
  • you get the opportunity to show your knowledge, ideas and capabilities to potential future employers
  • you gain insight into the operations of large institutions such as PBZ
  • the winning teams of PBZ's business case have the opportunity to do an internship at the Bank in the Retail Division
The best 3 teams have the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes:
Main prize
1.350,00 EUR
Second prize
800,00 EUR
Third prize
550,00 EUR

What you need to do?

  • Form your team, apply to LUMEN 2024, select the task from Privredna banka Zagreb and start developing solutions
  • This year's task is "How to start an independent business and establish a successful relationship with the bank". Details about the PBZ business case and your future task can be found in brief at the bottom of the page
  • All information on the rules of the competition, application and submission of the decision can be found at  eSTUDENT.hr
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