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Visa Student card

Best card for the best years of your life

Here’s why you’ll like it


Permitted limit up to HRK 270 eur


Repayment in up to 12 instalments

Fast and easy payments

Contactless payment all over the globe

How sounds the limit of 270 eur?

Admit it, it sounds great!

The Visa Student card brings you just that, because it is a charge card with a limit of 270 eur.

This is a card with deferred payment, which is charged by debiting your PBZ current account on the due date for the total amount of the monthly bill.



Positive balance in student life!

The Visa Student card is part of the PBZ Indeks plus student package, and you do not pay any fees or membership fees for it during your studies.

You will be able to see your spending on a monthly bill that will arrive at your home or e-mail address and through the free online service My Way, which offers you an overview and printout of the cost balance.

Visa Student
The Visa Student card allows you:
  • Payment at points of sale with a POS device that accepts a Visa card
  • Secure online shopping in web stores all over the globe
  • Contactless payment on labelled devices
  • Purchase in instalments with no interest or fees.
  • In the event of the theft or loss of the card, call 01/612 44 22.
  • The new card will be made in 24 hours, without a fee.  
How to get a Visa Student Card?
Step 1
Contract the PBZ Indeks plus student package at PBZ branch office

Find a branch
Step 2
Take and fill in the access form

Download the form
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