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Visa Inspire Card

So small, and so versatile

Here’s why you’ll like it


Quick access to cash through an extensive ATM network.


Contactless payment in amounts up to HRK 40 eur without entering a PIN


Secure and easy online shopping

Visa Inspire card

The Visa Inspire card is an international debit card of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. It allows you to access the money in your current account in HRK.

With your Visa Inspire card you can easily manage your finances!

Make everyday finances easy!

Always bring your Visa Inspire card with you because you can use for:

  • contactless payments up to EUR 40
  • safe online shopping
  • access to your money at all times

Get your cash quick & easy!

If you need cash, pick it up quickly and easily at a nearby ATM.

Visa Inspire card allows you to:

  • withdrawing money free of charge at PBZ ATMs in Croatia
  • withdrawal of money free of charge abroad at ATMs of members of the international banking group Intesa Sanpaolo
Purchases up to EUR 40:
Step 1
Press the card to the contactless reader
Step 2
The purchase is complete
Step 3
You will receive a printed POS receipt
Purchases over EUR 40:
Step 1
Press the card to the contactless reader
Step 2
Enter PIN
Step 3
The purchase is complete
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