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18-25 ONLY

Use the opportunity and from July 10 until October 31, 2023, contract a PBZ Young current account and Digital banking, activate #withSAVE and 10 euros will arrive in your virtual piggy bank.

Take advantage of the benefits

Free services for young people

Current account and digital banking free for young people aged 18-25

Visa Inspire Card

Contactless payment up to EUR 40 without entering a PIN

PBZ Digital banking

24/7 bank access and cool functionalities

services for young people


Whether you're going to work or college, you need a checking account.

  • Until 31.10.2023. contract a current account PBZ young and PBZ digital banking or PBZ Indeks plus student package
  • Activate the virtual piggy bank #withSAVE within the mobile application during the promotional period
  • After activating your #withSAVE virtual piggy bank within 10 working days, we will deposit 10 euros into your piggy bank 
10 euros will be great!

It's so good to be young!

Use the most important financial services completely free of charge.

  • PBZ current account - for payments such as pocket money or income
  • Visa Inspire debit card - for cash withdrawals at ATMs and contactless payment without entering a PIN
  • Visa Inspire debit card - becomes virtual with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Bank on the go

Is your cell phone always at hand? Well then there is also your bank!

  • PBZ digital banking - brings your bank in the palm of your hand 24/7
  • the practical functionalities of digital banking will become your favorite
  • #withCASH - to withdraw cash without a card
  • #withPAY - for quick and easy payments to mobile contacts
  • #withSAVE - a virtual piggy bank for small daily savings

You can, you choose!

Enjoy ever easier access to the most modern banking services and it's completely free!

  • PBZ has very wide network of ATMs, so cash will always be at your fingertips
  • Impress your friends with the cool functionalities of the most modern digital banking
Who can contract free services?

Who can contract free services?

Who can contract free services?

Free PBZ current account and PBZ digital banking can be contracted by all citizens of the Republic of Croatia residing in the Republic of Croatia, from 18 to 25 years of age.


It is easy to contract free services for young people aged 18-25
Step 1
Open a current account - PBZ youth in PBZ branch

Popis poslovnica
Step 2
Contract PBZ digital banking
Step 3
Don't forget to bring your ID with you

Get closer to your goals with small savings!

Young people can save too!
With e-Kasica, the first automated savings will make your small or big wishes come true.
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