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Giro account

Do you receive a scholarship or work through the Student Service?

Take advantage of benefits

Free account

Free opening and management of the student giro account

Scholarship and salary

You can receive a scholarship or salary from the Student Service

Visa Debit card

Withdraw cash, make contactless payments and enjoy online shopping

After work - earnings!

Everyone knows that it is not easy to work and study at the same time.

So when the earnings arrive after you worked hard for it, you can dispose of your scholarship or the money you earn through the Student Service through a giro account. 

Visa Debit card

By opening a giro account, you get a Visa Debit card with which you can:

  • pay in shops and restaurants
  • withdraw cash at ATMs at home and abroad
  • make payments and withdrawals in PBZ branch offices
Open a giro account. All you need is to:
Step 1
Prepare the Student Indeks
Step 2
Take your ID card
Step 3
Visit the nearest PBZ branch office
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