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Current and giro account

You will need an account for payments such as pocket money, earnings or scholarships. See which one best suits your needs.

Accounts for all your needs

Take a look at the many benefits

Current account in HRK for students

Pay contactless and use the allowed overdraft
  • You wil get an overdraft of up to 1000 kn
  • A Visa Inspire card for contactless payments and online purchasing
  • Visa Inspire card - becomes virtual with Apple Pay and Google Pay
Tekući račun u kunama za studente

Giro account in HRK for students

The account to which you receive your scholarship or earnings through the student service
  • Free opening and management of the student giro account
  • You can receive a scholarship or salary from the Student Service
  • Withdraw cash, make contactless payments and enjoy online shopping
Žiro račun u kunama za studente
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