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Erasmus Plus student loans

For covering tuition fees and other education-related expenses at foreign universities participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme

Erasmus Plus student loans

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and Privredna banka Zagreb have signed the first guarantee agreement within the scope of the ERASMUS+ programme in Croatia with the purpose of granting loans to mobile Master’s Degree students.

This financing is supported by the European Union and guarantee programme set out with the Regulation (EU) no. 1288/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing "Erasmus+: the Union programme for education, training, youth and sport”.

Take out an Erasmus Plus student loan
Take out an Erasmus Plus student loan
  • The ERASMUS+ programme promotes international exchange and is intended for students at foreign faculties participating in the ERASMUS+ Programme
  • No credit application fees
  • Take advantage of up to 12 months grace period
  • Instalments enable you to repay your loan with less of an interest burden
Aligning of financial liabilities

Align your financial commitments

Find out why making financial commitments on time is important.
Loan users

Loan users

Graduate students (Master’s Degree) at universities participating in the Erasmus+ program, with lectures held in a country different from the country of residence or the country in which conditions/qualifications for attending graduate studies (Master’s Degree) have been fulfilled.

Loan purpose and amount

Loan purpose and amount

Paying tuition fees for graduate studies abroad, at universities participating in the Erasmus+ Programme or other education-related expenses in the amount of:

  • EUR 500.00 to 12,000.00 or HRK 3,500.00 to 88,000.00 for one-year postgraduate study
  •  EUR 500.00 to 18,000.00 or HRK 3,500.00 to 133,000.00 for multi-year postgraduate study

For paying tuition fees: special-purpose loans to pay for Master’s studies abroad. If the loan is disbursed in annual tranches, the amount of annual tranche may not exceed the annual tuition fee, and the total amount of paid out annual tranches may not exceed the agreed amount, i.e. maximum loan amount.

For paying tuitions fees: non-purpose. The amount of a monthly tranche may be max. EUR 700.00 in the HRK counter value or HRK 5,000.00. Minimum tranche amount is EUR 50.00 or HRK 350.00.

The total amount of paid out monthly tranches may not exceed the maximum loan amount.

Credit period and manner of repayment

Credit period and manner of repayment

Repayment period

  • 6 to 8 years (after graduation). The 12-month grace period is included in the loan repayment term.
  • During the use of the loan, payment of interest can be deferred (interest is calculated) and is repaid during loan repayment term.
  • During the repayment term, a 12-month respite can be granted with an optional deferred payment of interest (the interest is calculated) which is than repaid during the remaining loan repayment term.

Manner of repayment

  • You can choose to repay your loan in equal monthly annuities or monthly instalments.
  • If the loan user loses his/her student status during the period of use of the loan, the loan is transferred to a grace period or repayment upon the loan user’s wish.

Instalments or annuities?

Repayment in installments allows you to quickly repay the loan and thereby reduce interest costs.

Loan usage

Loan usage

  • funds are paid to the current account of the loan user
  • in the case of loans with the purpose of paying tuition fees, the beneficiary of the loan transfers the funds simultaneously to the college
  • the maximum term for using the loan is determined according to the years of the study
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