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PBZ Business Club

Informative and educational events for small and medium enterprises

PBZ Business Club

Comprehensive expert information

Current financial topics

Regional, local and online events

Events throughout Croatia

Renowned speakers

Practical knowledge and advice


The workshops are intended for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and they provide regional entrepreneurs with an opportunity to share their experiences, network and strengthen their cooperation.    

Expert lectures on current topics

  • Our aim is to: provide our entrepreneurs with comprehensive expert information on current topics,
  • organize financial analysis workshops that allow clients to acquire knowledge relying on their own company as an example,
  • present financing options for investment projects through PBZ loans,
  • set an example of best practice.
  • The lectures cover various topics that are necessary for making important business decisions concerning a company’s existence.
  • The workshops are intended for smaller groups of clients in order for an individual approach to be maintained.
  • We organize 10 regional and 17 local events throughout Croatia on an annual basis.

Topics covered by the PBZ Business Club over the past five years include:

Tax Changes
How Does the Bank See Us?    
EU Funds      
Cash Flow
The Process of Buying and Selling Companies
Macroeconomic trends
When to use warranties and letters of credit



Online PBZ Business Club

The current situation with the pandemic has not prevented us from organizing the PBZ Business Club with our clients. 
In the online edition of the PBZ Business Club, lectures are held by Ivana Jović and Draženko Pavlinić, senior executive managers at PBZ, who present clients with an overview of the macroeconomic and financial trends. 
If you want take part in the online PBZ Business Club, please contact your client relations manager, whose contact information you can find through online or mobile banking.
If you are not a client at PBZ but would like to take part in the workshops, you can apply by calling our free line 0800 729 266 or by sending an email to com@pbz.hr.

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