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Interest rate swap.

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Deposits on short terms

Deposits on short terms

The surpluses of your liquidity are easily and quickly placed at market interest rates for deposit terms from overnight to a month.

By calling the Sales Director's number, it is possible to arrange for a short-term transaction, thus enhancing one’s own liquidity management and earning additional interest-based revenue.

Interest Rate Swap

Interest Rate Swap

Interest Rate Swap is a contract between two parties on the exchange of periodic cash flows in the future, and the pre-arranged principal (which is generally not the subject of exchange) is taken as a calculation basis.

One party is obliged to pay the fixed interest rate, while the other pays the variable interest rate based on one of the money market indices (6M LIBOR, 6M EURIBOR, 6M ZIBOR).

Interest rate swap application:

  • for the purpose of more favourable financing
  • hedging against exposure to interest rate risk
  • placing funds at higher yields

Opportunities provided by interest rate swap:

  • replacing the floating interest rate with a fixed one – the company fixes its future obligation to a known amount, hedging themselves against interest rate increase
  • replacing the fixed interest rate with a floating one – the company realizes savings if the interest rates decrease in the future
Repurchase agreements

Repurchase agreements

Repurchase agreement

A repurchase agreement entails the sale of securities for cash with a simultaneous arrangement for the repurchase of the same securities after a certain period of time. In short, a repurchase agreement is a short-term loan of money with the pledge of a particular security.

The advantages of this agreement are fast and easy contracting in accordance with collateral quality and cheaper borrowing, directly in the money market. The lender receives a high-quality security as collateral.

Using repurchase agreements, you are able to bridge the situations of reduced liquidity by pledging the securities.

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