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FX Spot, FX Forward, currency swap.

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FX Spot

FX Spot

FX Spot – regular foreign exchange trading at a preferential exchange rate, with a settlement time frame of two business days from the transaction contracting date.

Depending on whether you have foreign currency inflows or outflows, you can negotiate an FX Spot transaction by calling the Sales Direction number and realize significant savings in relation to the Exchange Rate List

FX Forward

FX Forward

FX Forward – belongs to the group of forward transactions because it involves the date of transaction execution beyond two business days (spot).

FX FWD is the contracting of foreign exchange trading on a date in the future by a pre-arranged and fixed exchange rate. It is widely used as an instrument of protection against exchange rate risk (hedging) or against future cash flows. The exchange rate in the future is the product of the current market rate and the difference in the amount of market interest rates in two currencies, and is not a matter of speculation or prediction.

Contracting FWD transactions is very simple and is done through the phone without charging any fees, as for any treasury product.

Currency swap

Currency swap

FX Swap (a product overcoming the “short-term liquidity” in a currency) – a combination of one spot and one fwd transaction. In reality, it consists of two interrelated transactions, spot purchase (sale) of the currency and forward sale (purchase) of the same currency. In principle, it is a short-term loan of one currency with the pledge of another.

The future exchange rate is calculated in the same manner as for the FX FWD.

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