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Operational and financial leasing.

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Simple and fast processing of requests

Lower costs

Lower interest and a one-time fee

Transparent offers

Clearly stated costs

PBZ Leasing

  • simple and fast processing of requests
  • lower interest and one-time fee (no additional claim insurance premiums)
  • without the cost of verifying the signature on the contract
  • the lower the cost of a cap when the vehicle is financed through leasing
  • ownership of the leased asset, lower risk of placement
  • mandatory participation, less risk of financing
  • knowledge of the used car market / post sales
  • possible inclusion of services, insurance, etc. in the amount of financing

Contract PBZ Leasing at your nearest PBZ branch office.

Additional information - Leasing calculator.

Vehicles leasing

Vehicles leasing

Leasing of cars, trucks, buses

  • all brands of passenger cars, trucks and buses
  • up to 72 months
  • financing through operational and financial leasing.
  • transparent bids and clearly stated costs
Leasing of machinery and equipment

Leasing of machinery and equipment

  • all brands of machinery and equipment
  • financing the furnishing of offices, shops, medical and laboratory facilities, manufacturing facilities and printers
  • financing of construction machinery for 84 months
  • equipment financing for a period of 60 months
Leasing vessels

Leasing vessels

  • financing of new and used vessels
  • we financed the largest number of vessels in the Adriatic through financial leasing
Additional information

Please send an offer to PBZ Leasing by email address and you will receive an answer on the most appropriate model as soon as possible.

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